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LMA-MN Season Program Pass and Calendar Preview Now Available

Legal Marketing Association Minnesota Chapter

Save on LMA-MN Monthly Programs!

Forget about check requests or submitting receipts every month. The LMA-Minnesota Chapter is once again offering a prepaid programming package. Purchase your 2013 Season Pass now at a discounted price of $180, a savings of $20 on the chapter’s ten regular, monthly programs; or pay $160 for nine programs.2013 Programs will cover a range of topics on Business Development, Career Advancement and Leadership, Branding, Communications, and Strategic Planning. A tentative program schedule is highlighted below. Don’t miss these opportunities for valuable learning and networking!To secure your season pass, contact Amie Allison ataallison@aafedt.com or (612) 339-8965.

2013 Program Highlights include:

February, Spot Coaching

March, Lunch with Betsi Roach, LMA National Representative

April, Annual Conference

May, The Legal Mocktail

June, Video Marketing How To’s and Tips

July, Legal Project Management

August, Implementing a Content Marketing Strategy

September, Developing a Powerful Marketing Plan

October, Advance SEO Strategies

November, Escaping the Heard, Selling Value to Premium

December, ROI Analytics – A-Z

LMA-MN also offers special programming tailored to members who have been in the industry for at least seven years. If interested, please contact Jennifer Albrecht atjealbrecht@arthurchapman.com.

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LMA-MN First Quarter 2013 Newsletter

Legal Marketing Association Minnesota Chapter

LMA-MN Newsletter  First Quarter 2013 

Stacey McGuire Lucky [20]13

This is the year! Lucky 2013.

The number 13 has always been lucky for me. Growing up, I wore it on my soccer jersey, Friday the 13th was always a lucky day, and 13 is always my go-to number in games. So, I have no choice but to believe that 2013 will also be a year of great things and great change for the LMA (although those of you withTriskaidekaphobia may not agree). Here are some other things you can expect for this lucky year:

Strategic Planning to Bring About Changes

In the tarot deck, the number 13 is represented in the Death card, which is not as scary as it sounds. Thirteen is actually a symbol of transition, change, and new beginnings. In fact, the board is indeed working on some significant changes, with the hopes of better serving you, our members. We completed a strategic planning process for the year, with help from our friends and leadership development sponsors at Akina. Our goal is to make the LMA-MN Chapter stronger and more valuable to its members. Be on the lookout for enhanced communication (including a LMA-MN blog) and unique programming opportunities.

Client Value SIG for LMA Members

Speaking of new beginnings, LMA is pleased to announce the formation of a new Client Value Shared Interest Group (SIG), focused on pricing, project management, and process improvement. The SIG’s leaders bring with them a group of nearly 150 pricing and process improvement experts from the legal and business community. If you are interested in joining the new SIG,please visit the website to sign up.

LMA Conference 2013

I can guarantee that if I’m placing a bet at this year’s LMA annual conference (which takes place April 8 – 10, 2013, in Las Vegas at Aria Resort & Casino), I’m going to bet on lucky number 13. You’ll find no better event in the country where you can make great connections with other like-minded legal marketing professionals, while also getting the opportunity to learn and grow your skills.

If you are attending, we’re joining the Midwest Chapter for a meet-up during the Welcome Reception on Monday, April 8, in the Exhibit Hall. If you have not received the invite, please send me an email at stacey.mcguire@gpmlaw.com so I can get you the details.

Get Involved!

In reality, a number is neither lucky nor unlucky – luck happens when preparation and hard work meet opportunity. I encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities that a new year offers, by getting involved in LMA. You can start small by inviting other members out for coffee or lunch, attending a conference or seminar, or even volunteering to be on a chapter committee. By taking advantage of these little opportunities, I have found amazing “luck” in my career.

So far, 2013 has been an incredible year, and I feel blessed to be part of something so unique and special. I’m also thankful for the support of an amazingly talented and dedicated group of people who serve on the Board of Directors and committees. Together, with your help, we strive to deliver continuing education and career development opportunities that are tailored to the unique nature of our profession.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our monthly programs and in Las Vegas next month – I’ll be the gal betting on 13 at the roulette table!


Upcoming Programs
LMA-MN April 2013 Program Why Content Marketing is KingWhen: April 10, 2013

Where: Fredrikson & Byron P.A.

Today’s legal marketers have crowned content-marketing as king. They are retreating from traditional marketing tactics and turning to content marketing in droves. But as more and more lawyers and firms jump on the content marketing bandwagon, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and achieve desired results. Read more and register.

LMA-MN May 2013 Program The Legal Mocktail

When: May 8, 2013

Where: Faegre Baker Daniels

The Legal Mocktail is an experiential learning program that teaches the basics and nuances of networking. This unique training exercise simulates attendance at a social or business event with REAL food, REAL drinks, and REAL people. The goal is to find others in the room with whom you have something in common and can fill a need. Read more and register .

LMA-MN June 2013 Program Video Marketing

When: June 12, 2013

Where: TBD

Video is a new medium for most law firms and legal marketers. It makes sense that creating professional video that is effective for legal marketing can seem daunting at first. This program offers practical advice, checklists and recent law firm video examples from Morrison & Foerster and other firms.  Read more and register .

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 LMA Annual Conference

LMA Annual Conference 2013



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February Program Recap

LMA-MN February Program Notes

Date: February 13, 2013

Presentation Title: Spot Coaching: You as Coach

Presenter: Kathy Lester, Lester Coaching & Consulting

Building Self Awareness

  • Not everyone wants to be coached. Recognize when someone does and does not want to be coached.
  • Recognize that your own inner chatter and judgments can affect the way you coach.
  • Curb inner chatter so that you can be fully present (and open) during the coaching session.

Scenario: Attorney has not completed business development goals by agreed upon time.

  • Your inner chatter may say that this attorney is not trying or is lazy, when in fact he/she may be nervous or apprehensive (and therefore needs additional coaching).
  • Ask, “Is it okay if I share something that I am noticing?” This shift to asking permission to provide feedback may break down barriers and can find the real reason for missed goals.

Be aware of the Circle of Renewal. We are constantly going through life chapters.

  • Phase 1: Go for it!
    • New job, just married. Major life event that has you motivated and excited.
  • Phase 2: The Doldrums
    • Divorce, death, change in job that leads to disappointment. These life events can lead to lack of energy and feeling unsure.
  • Phase 3: Cocooning
    • Self-reflecting on what might be the next chapter in life.
  • Phase 4: Getting Ready
    • Getting ready to go through the cycle again. Career-wise, this may mean taking classes or networking.

Think about where you are in the cycle. Think about the cycle in relation to coaching. Is someone that you are coaching going through the cycle? Phase 1: They are ready to accomplish goals. Phase 2: They may need some additional coaching or motivation.

Coaching Challenges

  • Negative attitude
  • Reluctant participant
  • Not ready to be coached
  • Unprepared for the work involved; wants to delegate the actions/goals
  • Agrees to plan, but reverts to their own ways or veers off the plan completely
  • Good intentions, but misdirected actions

Coaching Opportunities

  • Breakdown goals into smaller segments of responsibilities; allow for small wins and motivation to take on more
  • Rehearse with them to build comfort and confidence
  • Use skill-based coaching (practice)
  • Provide examples of what works
  • Dig in and uncover fears
  • Set priorities

Rewards for You as a Coach

  • See progress and results
  • Credibility
  • Growth
  • Accountability
  • Engagement
  • Added-value/bringing value

March Program Recap 

LMA-MN March Program Notes

Date: March 13, 2013

Presentation Title: Spot Coaching: You as Coach

Presenter: Betsi Roach, Legal Marketing Executive Director

Betsi shared with chapter members and guests:
2012 BTI Survey results. An overview of benefits for LMA members, including the recently launched Special Interest Groups (SIGS) Opportunities for our chapter members to grow their network and gain valuable hands on experience by getting involved at an international level.

Click here to view the PowerPoint and report summaries presented.

Member Limelight
 Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

Briggs and Morgan, P.A.
Sr. Marketing Manager

What do you spend most of your time doing at work?

Partnering with attorneys at the industry/practice group and individual level to develop and implement strategic business development and marketing programs and plans. This includes collaborating with our marketing team to develop marketing communications materials, customize proposals, execute PR initiatives, update and manage website content, and provide attorney coaching.
What are the three most valuable things about LMA for you?
Coming from health care, I needed to learn the nuances of the industry and our local chapter has created a welcoming community of peers in which to do this. The networking, sharing of best practices and thoughtful insight into the market have proved invaluable. Additionally, the quality programming provides beneficial educational and professional development opportunities.
What is your favorite holiday?
Definitely the Christmas season. I look forward to the decorating, the music, month-long celebrations and hunting for the perfect gifts.

What is your best recent gift?

A white noise machine. It has helped quiet my old house to make for peaceful sleeping. It also comes in handy when traveling.

At age five, who did you want to be?

A waitress. I would take everyone’s order at our table and then recite it back to our server. I even had a pile of menus, an order pad and a cash register at home.

What word do you most dislike?

Any considered corporate jargon.

What is your ideal vacation?

Someplace new! I enjoy adventure and exploring, whether it’s a weekend getaway to a new town or traveling to a country where I’ve never been.

New Members

Welcome New Members!

Lindsay Carr, Director of Marketing, Zimmerman Reed
Katie Dockter, Event Planning and Public Relations Coordinator, Bowman and Brooke
Chelsie Givan, Marketing Manager, Cole Valley Software
Milena Higgens, Director, Litigation Knowledge Management, Fish & Richardson
Amy Juers, Founder & CEO, Edge Legal Marketing
Meredith Mattison, Marketing Director, Droel
Peter Moyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Lindquist & Vennum
Dawn Wagenaar, Principal, Ingenuity Marketing Group

Members on the Move
Moved firms or received a promotion? Share the news with  Laura Toledo at laura@tenrec.com.

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