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LMA-MN 2013 November Program & Your Honor Awards

Selling Value to Sell Premium

Alycia Sutor, Partner at Akina will discuss with members how to sell value at a premium.

At a time when client loyalty is being tested and economic pressures for law firm profits are at an all-time high, lawyers are challenged to find a way to get premium rates when clients are demanding cost reduction. Selling Value to Sell Premium is a program designed to shift the focus from pricing and efficiency to a conversation of value and effectiveness.

Participants will learn from market research:

  • Why law firms are losing sales pitches
  • How to implement innovative and proven techniques to sell value that deepens relationships, increases profitability, and differentiates your firm from your competitors

Date: Wednesday, November 13th, 2013
Program: 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM
Coffee, water and soda will be available
Location: Hennepin County Bar Association 600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 390, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Your Honor Awards Reception
This year’s Your Honor Award winners will be announced immediately following the program. LMA-MN has a history of producing numerous International LMA Your Honor Awards winners, don’t miss the opportunity for your great work to be recognized!

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Light refreshments and beverages will be served
Location: Hennepin County Bar Association, 600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 390, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Alycia has more than seventeen years experience helping lawyers, executives and managers rethink how they approach marketing, sales and leadership issues. As a partner at Akina, she is particularly passionate about helping individuals leverage their strengths and interests to change how they work, sell and lead. To learn more about Alycia, click here.


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