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Call for Nominations: 2015 #LMAMN Your Honor Awards!

2015 LMA-MN Your Honor Awards Program and Presentation Guidelines

What:  The LMA-MN Your Honor Awards Program recognizes Minnesota law firms and LMA-MN members who illustrate excellence in marketing and communications programs.

When and Where:  Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 5:00 – 7:00 PM at the Minneapolis Club

Deadline for entry:  5:00 PM, Friday, September 25, 2015

All entries for LMA-MN Your Honor Awards must have been produced for use by a Minnesota law firm or a LMA-MN member between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015.


The program consists of the following categories. The Events and Advertising categories have budget subcategories, so please note the submission subcategory where applicable:

  • Collateral Materials: Brochures (firm wide, practice group), annual reports, announcements, newsletters, holiday cards, etc. Materials may be print or electronic.
  • Events: Seminars, webinars, conferences, open houses, networking events, etc.
    1. Events: budget less than $1,000 (hard costs – does not include internal time)
    2. Events: budget between $1,000 and $5,000 (hard costs – does not include internal time)
    3. Events: budget between $5,000 and $15,000 (hard costs – does not include internal time)
    4. Events: budget over $15,000 (hard costs – does not include internal time)
  • Media Relations: Campaigns, press conferences, and other unpaid media coverage
  • Websites: This includes entire websites, specific portions of a firm site, or microsite.
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising: Campaign or single ad
    1. Advertising: budget under $5,000 (creative costs only – does not include ad buy)
    2. Advertising: budget over $5,000 (creative costs only – does not include ad buy)
  • Practice Development and Client-Based Programs — Attorney coaching, business development programs and plans, cross-selling initiatives, market research analysis and studies, competitive intelligence projects, knowledge management tools/projects, client service programs, pricing tools and projects, project management programs and practice innovation initiatives
  • Gimme:  Best giveaway or promo item. You may submit an entry in this category for free with another paid entry!
  • Genius Marketing: Anything genius marketing minds can think of that doesn’t fit into another category.

Judging and Judging Criteria:

All entries are judged by a panel of at least three people.  Judges evaluate and score each entry in the four categories below on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest). A total score for the four categories provide the overall score for each submission.

  • Strategic Objective: The degree to which the submission met or exceeded the entrant’s stated strategic objective.
  • Creativity: Amount of creativity and originality demonstrated.
  • Execution: Quality of execution, overall impression of the end product.
  • Results/outcome: Anecdotal feedback and/or quantifiable results, such as recognition and praise received from firm leadership, clients or potential clients, new matter(s) opened as a result, etc.

For those submission categories with multiple subcategories (i.e., Events and Advertising), winners will be selected for each subcategory.

A Best of Show award is given if and/or when one entry stands out over all others and is deemed by the judges to be deserving of special recognition.

While judges make every attempt to select award recipients for each category, awards may not be given in categories where the judges deem that the quality and/or quantity of entries does not warrant a winner. Judges reserve the right to change a submitted entry from one category to another. Judges may elect to award Honorable Mention Awards, beyond first through third place awards, at their discretion. Judges’ decisions are final.

Entry Requirements:

Entrants may be either members or non-members of the Legal Marketing Association – Minnesota Chapter.  Consultants, designers or other service providers submitting an entry on behalf of a client must include a letter of permission from the firm on the firm’s letterhead with the submission.

Each entry will consist of:

  1. Three copies of the completed entry form specifying the single category in which it is being entered. NOTE: If you are submitting under Events or Advertising, please make note of what subcategory you’re submitting under.
  2. Three copies of the finished “product,” which may include printed materials, CDs, workbooks, photographs, published materials, etc. Entrants are welcome to submit the “before” products to show progress or improvement, but it is not necessary. Entries will not be returned.
  3. Three copies of a narrative of no more than one page describing, in detail:
    1. Opportunity or Challenge
    2. Strategic Objective
    3. Implementation
    4. Results/Outcomes
    5. Costs
  4. Entry fee is $50 per submission for LMA-MN members; $75 for non-members.

Submissions:  All entries must be received by 5:00 PM CST on Friday, September 25, 2015.  Please send completed submissions to:

Barbara Brown
Director of Business Development & Marketing
Meagher & Geer
Suite 4400
33 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Recognition of Award Winners:  Your Honor Awards winners will be recognized as such:

  1. Entries will be displayed at the program on Oct. 28, 2015.
  2. Award winners will be announced on October 28, 2015 at the YH program at the Minneapolis Club.

Questions:  Questions may be submitted to the LMA-MN Your Honor Awards Chair, Barbara Brown:  612/347-9150, bbrown@meagher.com.

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