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Member Spotlight: Dan Gruber

Dan Gruber
Marketing Manager | Zelle LLP

Q: Why did you join the local steering committee (LSC)?
LMA is an outstanding resource for professional development and being co-director of programming will allow me to serve the organization locally. I attend the national conference every year and am looking forward to bringing some of the great sessions and speakers to the Minnesota chapter.

Q: Favorite way to spend a free lunch hour?
A: In the summer, I like to walk across the Stone Arch Bridge. In the winter, I like to sit in front of the fireplace in Zelle’s café and catch up with my colleagues.

Q: One Thing You Listen to Every Day?
A: My commute into work is an hour plus each way, so I love a good podcast. Always looking for recommendations if you have any!

Q: Favorite Restaurant?
A: Locally, it’s Café Lurcat. Their miso sea bass is fantastic. In the entire world, it’s Joe Allen in New York.

Q: Favorite Vacation Spot?
A: New York City. I live on a farm and I try to get to New York for a couple of weeks a year to see shows, go to museums, and eat at my favorite restaurants – none of which I can do in rural Minnesota.

Meet Moses Ehlers – Member Spotlight

Moses Ehlers
Marketing & Communications Manager
Robins Kaplan

Q: Why did you join the local steering committee?
A: I truly believe that spreading knowledge, networking and open discussions can impact an individual’s career. When the opportunity was presented to join the local steering committee for LMA I thought it was chance to give back to an association that has furthered my career and my understanding of legal marketing.

Q: Favorite TV Show
A: The Flash

Q: Favorite Movie of the Year
A: Ready Player One

Q: Best Advice You’ve Ever Received
A: “Take care of yourself.” – Mom

Q: Favorite vacation spot
A: Any place with warm weather.

Q: An Interesting Fact
A: I was born in Kenya and moved to the States when I was two.


Lauren McNee
Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate
Pritzker Hageman, P.A.

Q: Why did you join the local steering committee (LSC)?
When I started working in legal marketing, one of the first things I did was join LMA. LMA offers a treasure trove of tools that have helped me add value to my work as a legal marketer. I appreciate that our members are so open to sharing insight and resources, even though some of us work in the same practice areas. Over the past year, I’ve helped plan membership social events for LMA-MN, which led to my interest in joining the LSC. As the 2019 Membership Director, I look forward to continuing to foster a community of collaboration among legal marketers in Minnesota.

Q: One Thing You Read Every Day?
I start my day by reading the New York Times. Not only do I look for explosions and multi-state foodborne illness outbreaks for my job, but it’s also incredibly important to be aware of the civil and political issues happening in the world today.

Q: Favorite Restaurant?
Spoon & Stable in the North Loop neighborhood. Best kept secret: you can order off-menu ramen at the bar only on Saturday nights at 10 P.M.

Q: Your Pet’s Names and Types of Pets?
I’m a proud dog mom to my 2-year-old pup, Annie. She’s an Australian Shepherd/Poodle mix and is so cute that she’s been known to stop traffic.

Q: Favorite Vacation Spot?
My previous job in product marketing took me to Paris a few times a year and it remains my favorite city in Europe! There’s nothing like a café au lait and croissant at Le Bonaparte in Saint-Germain.

Q: An Interesting Fact…
I’m a professionally trained flutist and have performed live onstage with Jethro Tull.



Ethelind Kaba
2018 Secretary
LMA Minnesota Local Group Steering Committee

Marketing & Business Development Manager
Greene Espel PLLP

Q: What are the three most valuable things about LMA MN for you?
Networking with fellow LMA MN members. As a solo marketer, I find tremendous value in networking with other legal mentors to share ideas, successes, and challenges. No two firms and their abilities to implement initiatives are alike, so it never feels like a competition.

B: The monthly training programs to always learn something new.

C: LMA SIG groups on the website. This is broader than LMA MN, but I can’t tell you how often I read inquiries from other members and jot down ideas.

Q: What’s the most valuable marketing or business development advice you’ve heard in the last year?
I wish I could narrow it down. I just returned from LMA annual a month ago, so my brain is still swirling with great ideas. I guess the one I keep repeating is “multi-tasking doesn’t work.” A million thanks to David Ackert for that. It helps me to slow down, strategize and take things one at a time.

Q: Favorite TV Show
A: Law and Order or Law and Order SVU reruns. I don’t care for the ones in the last two years. I’m talking the older ones. I’ll re-watch during downtime. My husband will always say something like “I’m sure you’ve seen this episode three times already. Why are you watching?” And I’ll always say “what is it to you?”

Q: Favorite Vacation Spot
A: Camp Du Nord is a YMCA family camp in Ely or Gunflint. It’s our favorite. No technology for a week. Being in nature without distractions is pure bliss. I’ve been fortunate to visit family in the South of France a few times, and I’m hoping to win the lottery to buy a villa by the Mediterranean. I haven’t played the lottery yet because I love my job too much. But one day soon. And of course, I’ll win 😊

Q: Favorite Non-work Activity
A: Spending time with my family, attending fashion and art related events in the Twin Cities. Also, my work as a board member of the Jeremiah Program gives me immense joy. The Jeremiah Program provides a holistic approach to transforming the lives of single moms and children from poverty. I hope I don’t sound clichéd or disingenuous but to be able to give back time to a mission that works puts a lot in perspective for me. It’s a great feeling.

Member Spotlight – April 2018

P Hauck Headshot

Peter Hauck
Marketing Coordinator
Maslon LLP

Q: Favorite TV Show
A: The Office

Q: Best Advice You’ve Ever Received
A: If you can do something about it, don’t worry about it. If you can’t do
something about it, don’t worry about it

Q: Favorite Vacation Spot
A: Black Hills, South Dakota

Q: Best Live Music Event You Saw This Year
A: The Eaux Claires Music Festival

Q: An Interesting Fact
A: I started working at Maslon the day after I graduated

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