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LMA-MN June 2013 Program Notes

LMA-MN June Program Notes
Date: June 12, 2013
Presentation Title: Effective Law Firm Video Marketing
Presenter: Marsha Redmon, Esq., Marsha Redmon Communications

Video Statistics and SEO

  • Google loves video!
  • 75% of Fortune 500 executives watch video for business purposes.
  • YouTube is the #2 search engine; Google is #1.
  • Google + YouTube = Strong Visibility.
    • When titling video, accurately labeling is extremely important. Include keywords, name of attorneys in video and tags.
    • Paste transcript.
    • Google and YouTube scan written, not spoken, words.
    • Video improves SEO.
    • Most searches for most things start with Google.
    • Additional video hosting sites: Wistia (great analytics) and JD Supra.

How to Make Video Worth the Effort

  • Repurpose: use past slide decks to create or enhance video.
  • Meet audience needs NOW; make video useful.
  • Select a highly targeted video audience for maximum search results.
  • Use evergreen topics for video longevity; remove videos with outdated content.
  • Keep it simple, short and focused.
    • Video should be 2-4 minutes; 1-2 minutes even better.
    • Define specific video process to streamline project.
    • Limit who “gets” to do video –> subject should be personable and warm on camera.
    • Requirement: practice and prepare.
    • Create an interview format vs. reading teleprompter.
    • Add a contact “slide” to end of video.
    • You don’t always need to use a video camera! Screencasts use slide decks/PowerPoints, still footage, etc.
      • Use to: promote event or recap a seminar.
      • Create a 20-40 second video to highlight a legal alert.
      • Screencast software options:
        • For Mac: ScreenFlow
        • For PC: Camtasia
        • Free: Screenr

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Video

  • Use multiple speakers/subjects that each provide a nugget of valuable information.
  • No swivel chairs!
  • Not ideal to shoot in front of a window/light source (will make subject appear dark).
  • Create a YouTube channel to organize videos.
  • Editing software: Pinnacle or iMovie.
  • Use an iPad –> good quality, high definition video and plenty of apps to increase functionality.
    • Limitation: no zoom feature.

DIY Set-Up

  • iPad (easy to edit directly on device).
  • Lavalier microphone (never shoot video without a microphone).
    • Most important part of video is the audio.
    • Tripod.
    • Portable light source.

Video Shooting Basics

  • Shoot a series; make it worth the lawyer’s time.
  • Focus on giving value, i.e., is this of interest to clients or potential clients?
  • Finishing touches.
  • Put together a full “rough cut” before circulating so subjects can see their portion of the video in context.

Video Distribution Sample Process

  • Include in regular and targeted emails.
  • Post on YouTube channel.
  • Create a video page on firm website.
    • One page per video for analytics / tracking.
    • Link to bio pages of featured lawyers.
    • Post on social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).
    • Other uses: pitches and submissions.

Video camera recommendation: Kodak zi8 or zi10.

  • Best small video camera presenter has used.
  • Discontinued; visit Amazon.com now!
  • Has a built-in microphone jack.

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